Rotary’s public image – every bit helps!

Famous artist sports Rotary logo on apron, click on photo to enlarge

Sometimes it’s surprising where things show up! So as you think about promoting your Rotary Club, favourite program or the organization generally, remember that ever bit counts. Here are some suggestions of what to keep in mind:

– always follow the guidelines for logo usage – it’s the only way we will build the consistency that we need;

– quality matters: it’s better to do less and do it really well, than do more, not so well. As a group of business and professional women and men dedicated to serving our communities, everything we do should be of a professional quality, reflecting who and what we are.

Here is a picture taken of world renowned artist Robert Bateman, painting in his home in February 2010. Note his apron! Now I want to know more about program that apron was clearly made for. Anyone know??

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