The Canadian Rotary Postage Stamp – Use it! Promote Rotary For No Extra Cost.

The Rotary Stamp - Canada.

This e-mail was sent to his club members by DGN Kevin Hilgers of D5370.  Email KEV if you’d like more details about inspiring YOUR club members to purchase these stamps and put them to use!

Hello Fellow Club Member!

I just came up with a cool idea.  These Rotary Canada Post 57 cent stamps are fantastic.  When we mail a letter we can promote Rotary at no extra cost!  They come in booklets of 8, and the booklet has the story of Rotary on the back!    See complete story HERE.  2 million were printed.

I am going to order more – and want to offer a service to you as well.

If you would like to buy Rotary Postage stamps,  please HIT REPLY and indicate how many books of 8 stamps you wish.   I will make the order from Canada Post.  They cost $4.56 per book of 8, plus GST.  I will bring them to the Rotary meeting, you can pay me back via check or cash, possibly credit card.

If your office mails letters – why not make it Rotary stamps?  They cost nothing extra – and promote Rotary.  The books of 8 also make smart informative unique gifts.  Business or personal – why not?

Please hit reply and indicate how many books of 8 you wish.  Heck – maybe your office wants 100 or so.

This is the booklet they come. On the back is the story of Rotary and Rotary in Canada

I sent a booklet to my Dad, who was very impressed.  He – an Optimist for years (another service club) was very very impressed Rotary could swing this.  I am, too!

Kevin D. Hilgers

Governor 2012 2013 – Rotary International District 5370

2 thoughts on “The Canadian Rotary Postage Stamp – Use it! Promote Rotary For No Extra Cost.

  • Thanks! If you have any questions just refer to the link in my post – or email me and I would be thrilled to assist.

    Kevin Hilgers — wave @ (delete the spaces to email me – just avoiding spam)

  • Kevin,Kudos to you for coming up with this idea. I am a very active honourary member of two clubs here in District 7810 and will be promoting your idea to members of both clubs starting as early as tomorrow morning when our Rothesay-Kings Club meets for breakfast!

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