What are the “Key Three” in building Bigger, Better and Bolder Clubs and Districts

by Tom Thorfinnson, RI vice president taken from the Rotary Leader

The three players involved in the “key three” are the RI director, the regional Rotary Foundation coordinator (RRFC), and the Rotary coordinator (RC), who is new to the mix. It should be a team effort. Collectively, the three players will be available to meet all of the clubs’ and districts’ needs and inquiries within their zone.

The RRFC has two purposes: One is to promote the programs of The Rotary Foundation, and the other is to assist with fund development. The Rotary coordinator position is intended to be very similar to the role of regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, but instead deal with the Rotary International side of things. Rotary coordinators will help with promoting the programs of RI and with club development.

This is what I would classify as developing a good product — the Rotary club — and membership will just follow naturally from that. The only way to do this is to elevate the RC to the same level as the RRFC and create this trio of players.

One of the jobs of the director in this whole package is to communicate to Rotary leaders in our zones the resources that are available through both the RRFC and the RC. The first call for assistance might be to a director, and the director should determine who might best assist them. If it’s a purely administrative matter, the director might step in. If it’s a club or Foundation development issue, we’ll direct them to one of the other key three.

It is a tremendous asset to Rotary to have Rotarian volunteers such as RRFCs and RCs with regional knowledge and the proper cultural background so they can tailor their training to the needs of the clubs in their regions.

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