Rotary Coordinator and Assistants (ARC’s)

Your Rotary Coordinator is here to help. 

Also visit CONTACTS for specifics.

We are a network of 41 Rotarians (each with a core of Rotary Coordinator Assistants), appointed by the RI president, who serve as an RI resource – in partnership with the RI director, regional Rotary Foundation coordinator , and district governor – for promoting and successfully implementing the RI Strategic Plan in our districts and clubs.  We also work closely with the Public Image Resource Group.

Rotary coordinators and the assistant coordinators help clubs and districts identify and implement strategies that support al 3 areas of the RI Strategic Plan (;

–  Support and Strengthen Clubs
–  Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service
–  Enhance Public Image and Awareness


  • Serving as an RI resource, consultant, trainer and advisor to clubs and districts
  • Sharing ideas and best practices
  • Identifying districts that excel in membership, RI programs and public relations, and connecting them with districts seeking assistance
  • Facilitating collaborative efforts between districts
  • Advocating for innovative and creative approaches that support and strengthen clubs, public image and RI programs
  • Set up and assist with training programs for Districts and Clubs

One thought on “Rotary Coordinator and Assistants (ARC’s)

  • hello dear rotary friends! Happy New Year!!
    I would like to know the procedure to be appointed Assistant Coordinator
    I checked the RI website but could not find the application form

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