Building quick, CHEAP, information web sites!

For a few years I wanted  a “youth exchange recruitment web site” for my city.   Here in Grande Prairie, Alberta the 3 clubs work together to recruit for 3 outbound exchange students.  I have always wanted a web site to explain how it works in our city,  when the information sessions are, the process, etc.   Sound familiar?  Just like the GSE and other programs.

Anyhow – things have changed so much.  This is so easy and fast and cheap to do.  Anyone can do it.  Even me!  I bought an URL for $15 – .  I used WordPress  to design the site – this is a program designed for blogging (like this site) but makes great FREE web sites.   In one hour I thought up the URL,  bought it, and the site was active.   I spent 45 minutes setting up the site.  On the weekend I spent half an hour here,  20 minutes there – and it’s where I want it till I get more info for this falls events.  Total cost – around $30 plus my time.

My point is – it is so fast and easy to make great info sites for specific events or promotions, and I wanted to share this with you.

Please visit my site – and maybe you can steal ideas.  I hope you agree that when a Rotarian now says “Oh there is a schedule of info evenings and other details at – the interested youth will find it professional, informative and exciting.  This should all add up more applicants – and we hope a more successful program.  The site can be made interactive.  (Q and A)

If someone would like me to walk them through the steps I took to accomplish the above – I would.   I wonder if there would be a need for a workshop on this – at a future District or Zone events?  Would other clubs think this is cool?  When you think about it – for $25 a year – to be able to say “ for more info on our program click on “”  – that’s pretty cheap effective advertising.

I made that last web site address up BTW.  Kev

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