Youth Exchange – the 4 D’s or the 6 B’s ?

As anyone familiar with the Rotary Youth Exchange program knows, exchange students are subject to rules known as the 4 D’s:

1. No drinking
2. No drugs
3. No driving
4. No dating

But here a great twist to this. Thanks to Gillian Leek (spouse of PDG Bob Leek, D7090) who heard this idea presented at the Montreal Pre-Convention Youth Exchange meeting, here is a focus on the positive. And what a great recipe for a good exchange experience, and in fact for a great life: the 6 B’s:

1. Be First
2. Be Curious
3. Be on Purpose
4. Be Grateful
5. Be of Service
6. Be Here Now

Thanks Gillian!

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8 Responses to Youth Exchange – the 4 D’s or the 6 B’s ?

  1. Pauline was the highlight of the completely revamped RYE Florida multidistrict January orientation. Student feedback was universally positive. Little doubt in my mind that this approach will pay big dividends.

  2. temitope says:

    With all d new ideas and d benefit…we stl need more of d ideals in details in my club in nigeria.

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  4. beth says:

    Mrs. Gillian leek was my host mom on ye 1981…she knows what she is doing and is a great example of a canadian mother

  5. Good for you. Ironic but I was just chatting with Pauline Perrault. She is on the District 5370 YE Team. Yes this (5370) District founded the YE 6 Be’s, indeed. I told her of your positive response. Thank you.

  6. I believe the 6 B’s were created and developed by the YE gang at District 5370. Well, I know they were. The B’s are a more positive direction for Youth Exchange students – rather than dwelling on the negatives of the 4 B’s. I am also a YE counsellor and have really enjoyed the positive twist the B’s have – as opposed to harping on the “don’t date… don’t……”. The D’s are still important. But the B’s are a breath of positive fresh air. If anyone wants an explanation or maybe notes for their District I am sure Chair Wayne McCutcheon and gang at 5370 (in Western Canada) would be thrilled to share.

    • Rob Newman says:

      I am the District Chair for 7450, Philly Area.

      These ” 6 – Be’s ” were discussed in an Outbound Training Session at ESSEX this weekend.

      I think these are a GREAT Idea! Thanks to whoever created each of these!


      • That was us here in Alberta, Canada in D5370! We are so glad they have been a benefit to you and your program. If you have any anicodates to share, please email me!

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