From the RLI Int’l Newsletter:

What does CHANGE have to do with LEADERSHIP? Leadership “guru” John P. Kotter of the Harvard Business School has said that “Almost always, leadership produces change. Go back in history and read about the people who were great leaders, and you will see that they were always focused on change”.

Most readers who have visited a number of Rotary clubs over the years will probably agree that many of the clubs do not see the need for any change. If you define positive change, in part, as improvement, what club (or anything) would not benefit by change? Change does not always mean dramatic or extensive change, but positive changes that make a Rotary club better. Unfortunately, there is a certain comfort level in just doing the same things over and over and good leaders have to find a way to encourage change in the face of that comfort.

One thought on “From the RLI Int’l Newsletter:

  • Totally agree……..but it is very hard to make those changes and it takes persistance.

    District 5060

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