Phase out of the World Community Service and Rotary Volunteers programs.

Greetings from Evanston.

As you know, from a recent Blog post, the Board approved changes to the RI programs structure at its November meeting.  To support implementation of the Strategic Plan, the Board agreed to shift from a program model to a resource model and phase out the World Community Service and Rotary Volunteers programs.

These changes provide the groundwork for RI to focus on supporting partnering activities between districts and clubs, and establish fellowship and service connections between Rotarians. This will also eliminate the confusion between WCS and Rotary Volunteers and Foundation grant programs. Going forward, new resources will support Community Service, Vocational Service, and International Service, and focus on activities that support networking, connecting, relationship building, and partnering and best practices for local community service projects. In your role supporting implementation of the strategic plan, these changes should facilitate promotion of the focus and increase humanitarian service priority.

Communications are being sent to district leaders to notify them of these changes, and share transition plans. A letter was sent to all current district WCS and Rotary Volunteers chairs, with a copy to district governors, notifying them of the Board’s November decision. A second letter was sent to governors-elect, as these changes will impact their committee appointments for 2011-12.  The letter shared transition plans for communicating with the Rotarians they appoint to serve in district chair roles related to service and fellowship activities. I have attached a copy of both letters for your reference.

Additionally, a news story was recently posted on

We have received some positive feedback from Rotarians, and many questions seeking additional information. Please feel free to share any feedback you receive from Rotarians. You may refer questions to me, or staff at

See further details in a letter to District Governors Elect –  HERE


Sharon Cyr
Division Manager, RI Programs

Phone: (847)866-3298
Fax: (847)866-6116

Rotary International
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201

2 thoughts on “Phase out of the World Community Service and Rotary Volunteers programs.

  • Probably a good thing from the RI Programs point of view and this will simplify the District committee structure somewhat. But please be careful not to imply that clubs should not continue with their World Community Service endeavours.
    Derek Bottomley PDG
    District 5060.

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