Possible E-club for Snow Birds

The increasing number of snowbirds in Canada and other cold, winter climates, has made it difficult for Rotarians to maintain their membership and stay connected with their club. Many have given up membership, just for that reason.

District 5370 (Central/Western Canada), may have found a solution and is exploring the chartering of an E-club

We are currently conducting a survey to gauge levels of interest among existing members of clubs in this District and within Canada. If you are interested in possible membership of this E-club or would like to receive more information about its formation, please complete the attached survey. The results will used to determine its viability.

E-clubs are an exciting innovation by RI, offering a new form of Rotary participation. This first E-club to be established in District 5370, will be designed to accommodate current and former Rotarians who spend the winter months away and are not able to participate in regular club activities year round. Former members of Rotary who left for this reason may also consider this option.

Membership with an e-club requires the same level of Rotary “attendance” as a traditional Rotary club and the same level of commitment to the full range of a club’s activities and projects except that ‘meetings’ are conducted via the internet. Service projects may involve hands-on work and/or fundraising and fellowship may entail occasional social gatherings.  (Note: This is not an adjunct to current club membership – as you can only belong to one club.)

Send this to friends, prospective or former Rotarians who may have an interest in exploring this option and return the completed form no later than September 6, 2011 per instructions on the form.  The form IS HERE

Questions about e-clubs? http://www.rotaryeclubs.com  or contact PDG Elly Contreras miselly2@platinum.ca.


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