Future Vision – Online District Qualification

Our Foundation’s Future Vision is becoming a reality!

Beginning 1 October, all districts will be able to complete the new online district qualification process, the first step of the new Rotary Foundation grant model for 2013-14.

District qualification is the process by which districts ensure that they have the necessary financial and stewardship controls in place to manage their grant funds. In order for a district to apply for a district grant, global grant or packaged grant, it needs to be qualified.  The qualification process begins with an online system which takes districts step-by-step through the district memorandum of understanding (MOU), including summaries and knowledge checks throughout the process.

Districts start the online qualification process by:

  1. Logging in to member access. (If any district leaders in your area don’t yet have an account, please encourage them to get started with member access.)
  2. Selecting Rotary Foundation Grants (2013-14)
  3. Selecting District Qualification

The nine sections of the MOU are designed to give district leaders an understanding of good grant management and, by implementing the MOU, districts are able to plan in advance and create consistent and transparent practices for how they will manage their grant funds. Resources are available to help districts; for example, a guide to implementing the MOU can be found in chapter 7 of the District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual.

If you have any questions about qualification or the district MOU, please contact the Contact Center at contact.center@rotary.orgor the Stewardship Department at qualification@rotary.org. They are there to help you help your district leaders.


Wilfrid J. Wilkinson John P. Hewko
Wilfrid J. Wilkinson – CM, FCA, CFE
Chairman, The Rotary Foundation Trustees
John P. Hewko
General Secretary


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