Million Dollar Dinner – How To White Papers

A Million Dollar Dinner is an effective way to attract and recognize new Major Donors into the Rotary Foundation.  This strategy, started in 2004 in a district in Oregon has proven effective in several districts within our Zones 24 and 32.  You are encouraged to consider hosting one of these dinners in your district.

Click on the following  PDF documents for information and best practices detailing how to put together a Million Dollar Dinner for your district.  For more information, please contact Jenna Steiner, Zone 32 Major Gifts Officer or Carolyn Ferguson, Zone 24 Major Gifts Officer.

Million $ Dinner – US Districts

Million $ Dinner – Canadian Districts

Update:  Please note a very successful Million Dollar Dinner was done at District 5370.  PDG Kevin Hilgers got tired of answering questions about it so created a “How-To” web site at

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5 Responses to Million Dollar Dinner – How To White Papers

  1. Amazing! I just posted this article to use as a reference for the Dec. Foundation newsletter and you guys were on top of this already. Kevin, best of luck and let us know after your dinner how it turned out.

  2. Doug Detweiler says:


    This is Thinking Big! Did you receive this too? Is it too big for next year?


  3. Wonderful. We are doing one in May in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our special guest is President Tanaka!

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