NEW Million Dollar Dinner Manual now online

A new Million Dollar Dinner manual written by Zone 24 – E/MGA Chris Offer and Zone 24 – MGO Carolyn Ferguson is now available.

A Rotary Million Dollar Dinner (MDD) is the celebration of a nine to twelve month fundraising campaign for The Rotary Foundation. The evening brings together donors who have made or pledged new contributions or bequests of US$10,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation during the campaign period.

Million Dollar Dinner ManualThe Million Dollar Dinner is a district or multi district sponsored event. It is not sponsored by RI or The Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation does encourage MDDs and recommends the districts utilize the support of the Endowment/Major Gift Advisor (E/MGA) and Major Gift Officer (MGO) assigned to each zone. Districts determine campaign strategies that are appropriate for their region.

A senior Rotary leader is the keynote speaker at the dinner. The highlight of the event is the announcement with fanfare of the total amount raised for The Rotary Foundation.

The new manual incorporates many enhancements districts have integrated into successful MDDs. The manual is a resource for districts that are planning a dinner and it will be useful for districts that have never held a dinner in making the decision to host a MDD. The manual includes committee set up, promotion, types of gifts, available resources and examples of materials used by districts. The new manual is available online at:

With careful planning, using the diversity of resources available in every district and calling on The Rotary Foundation Zone Team a Million Dollar Dinner can be held successfully by every district. The key is planning, enthusiasm, promotion and a passion to “to do good in the world.”

One thought on “NEW Million Dollar Dinner Manual now online

  • Waw! Such an inspiring article. We would love to read the guide and apply it in our Rotaract Global Model UN event. We need more fundraising for scholarships because the applications are awesome but too many times the applicants can’t attend due to financial reasons.
    Million Dollar Dinner Guidebook is a true inspiration. Thank you again.

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