4 thoughts on “People of Action

  • Rotary Image: Let’s change the image not that Rotary is losing members, but that Rotary is the place to be, it is the new organization that you need to be in, Rotary is you.

    • Hi Sherry – I agree that if more people knew about Rotary – who we are and what we do – that they will want to be a Rotarian.

  • Sean, is there any way that you could identify your messages better? I just found a bunch in my spam filter. I know that there are good ideas in these and I do not want them to get lost.

    Ariane Carriere

    PDG 14-15, Charter President D7040 Passport Club

    D7040 Interact & Finance Chair

    2018 Zone Conference Administration Coordinator

    228 Fifteenth St. W. Cornwall ON K6J 3J8 OR PO Box 284 Rooseveltown NY USA

    Home: 613-703-9437 Mobile: 613-330-3310

    Join leaders, exchange ideas, take action

    • Hi Arianne – the problem is with your gmail spam filter, not this website. Here is how you un-spam it so it will go into your inbox:

      1. Select the “More” label, located on the right of your email.
      2. Select the “Spam” label.
      3. Select the message,
      4. Select the Not Spam button that appears at the top of your view.
      5. Unmarking a message as spam will automatically move it to your inbox.
      6. To find the message, select the “Inbox” label.

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