Top 5 Reasons To Get A Vehicle Wrap

I like the following blog post from The 5 reasons to get a vehicle wrap applies to Rotary as much as any no- for-profit or commercial enterprise. Using a vehicle as a mobile bill board is an efficient, effective and economical way to tell the Rotary story.

The new Rotary Brand Center  has graphics and logos that can be adapted for a vehicle wrap.     Penny Offer, RPIC Zone 24 West

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Vehicle Wrap

  1. Return on Investment

As the graphic above illustrates, a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard that costs around $0.10 per 1000 impressions, much less than all other traditional forms of offline advertising.

2) It’s a Unique Advertising Medium

The popular marketing author and public speaker Seth Godin promotes the need for businesses be like a “Purple Cow,” or in other words, businesses need to be remarkable to stand out among their competition. Vehicle wraps provide a unique way to be remarkable. Depending on how a wrap is designed, it has the capability to turn heads and get noticed.

PDG CarolAnn Jeronimo,
District 7640, Governor 2010-11

3) Volume

It takes 9 times for people to see your brand for them to remember it, and having the mobile billboard driving around their city or parked in their neighborhood increases those chances substantially. Vehicle wraps are viewed by over 72,000 people per month.

4) One-time Investment

When properly cared for, there are no on-going costs to maintain a vehicle wrap. Wraps do not need to be renewed and they do not expire like other forms of advertising.

5) It Protects your Vehicle and can be Easily Removed

DG Betty Screpnek
District 5370
Governor 2013-14

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle wrapping actually protects and preserves your paint job, given it’s installed by a seasoned professional. It can also be cleanly removed when it needs to be removed.


109_rotaryOn February 23rd Rotary celebrates the 109th anniversary of the first Rotary club meeting. This is an opportunity for Rotary clubs and districts to promote Rotary’s public image.

There are a variety of tools on the RI website in the new Rotary Brand Center

Here are 10 ideas to celebrate Rotary Day.

  1. Create a Rotary history speakers bureau. Have Rotary club members in the community speak at the library, chamber of commerce, and schools on the value of volunteerism, using project examples from Rotary’s century of service.
  2. Have the members of your Rotary club commit to a total of 109 hours of volunteer service during the week of Feb 16 to 22.  Announce the total on Feb. 23
  3. Write a newspaper article or letter to the editor to highlight what Rotary has accomplished locally and globally in the past and why it remains relevant today. Place it in community or school newspapers. A template for a Rotary Day news release is available at: Rotary Day Press Release Template  This should be updated and personalized for the local media.
  4. Request your community’s mayor to proclaim February 23 “Rotary Day” in your town. A sample proclamation is available at: This also needs to be updated for 2014 and for your community.
  5. Write an article on the history of Rotary in your community. Focus on vocational, community, youth and international service. Submit it to your local newspaper for possible publication.
  6. Coordinate with a local television station or radio station to have Rotarians appear on a morning talk show or evening news segment in honour of Rotary Day. They can highlight Rotary history and local and international service efforts.
  7. Collect items for distribution to those in need, such as shoes, school supplies, coats, gloves, and eyeglasses, and distribute them during a Rotary Day event.
  8. Create a human Rotary gearwheel by having Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and others lie down in a field, sports stadium, or park to create the design of the emblem. Invite the media to this photo opportunity.
  9. Purchase a full-page or half-page advertisement in your local newspaper, encouraging your community to celebrate Rotary Day. Use a print (PSA) from the RI Website.
  10. Create a giant birthday cake in the shape of a Rotary gearwheel to mark Rotary’s birthday, and invite the community or media to share it.

These are just 10 ideas to celebrate Rotary Day on February 23rd and promote Rotary and your club in your community.  The anniversary is a great opportunity to tell the Rotary story and engage others in our vision of doing good in the world.