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Tell Your Rotary Stories
This is a great time to be a Rotarian!

We recently celebrated the 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation.  We will soon end polio forever.  We are celebrating 30 years of women in Rotary.

Rotary has opened the door to innovation and change by clubs and by Rotary members so that we can re-invent ourselves for our second century of service.

With all this great news, we have even more reasons to get our message out to our members and to the public.  Rotary has been a humble organization for too long – and that has hurt us in attracting new members.  The general public doesn’t know who we are or what we do.

We want you, and we need you, to tell your Rotary stories!

We have lots of great resources to help you do just that.

You will find lots of great material at the Rotary Brand Center including Rotary graphics and logos.  You can also use the Rotary Brand Center to create your own club logo and club brochure using the new graphics.

Click these links to download helpful materials such as the Voice & Visual Guidelines, Lead Your Public Relations Committee, and Effective Public Relations.

You can find these and more (including French language versions) at the Rotary Zones 24 & 32 Public Image Resource page.

You can also obtain and share digital resources at the Rotary YouTube Channel, Rotary Vimeo Channel and Rotary’s Facebook Page.

Rotary continues to create new material for you to share – including the People of Action video

People of Action promotional posters and more are available through the Rotary Brand Center.

There are many ways to share your Rotary stories – through traditional media, social media, or the way that Rotary became the world’s greatest service organization – face to face and person to person with a personal invitation.

Try this at a club meeting:  ask members to think of a Rotary Moment when their involvement in Rotary had a strong, personal meaning for them.  It may have been at a club meeting, or on a service project or at a District event.  Have small groups exchange those stories.  Then share some of them with the larger group.

This is one way to help create Rotary Storytellers.

Rotary Public Image Coordinators

Rotary Public Image Coordinators are Rotarians who have expertise in the fields of public relations, journalism, or communications. They are available as resources to Districts, clubs and members.  By combining their business backgrounds with their Rotary experience, they:

  • Increase recognition of Rotary’s humanitarian work by sharing the Rotary story
  • Help club and district leaders share Rotary’s successes with the community and media, local civic and government leaders, nongovernmental organizations, and similar entities
  • Consult and provide guidance on public image grants
  • Regionalize Rotary’s public image efforts
The RI Strategic Plan has as its third pillar, Enhancing Public Image and Increasing Awareness. This includes:
  • Unify image and brand awareness
  • Publicize action-oriented service
  • Promote core values
  • Emphasize vocational service
  • Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities
These aspects are vital for the continued growth of Rotary clubs.

One thought on “Public Image

  • Its very nice. I thonk most of the Rotary Clubs do not give proper imphasis to Rotary’s public image. We are reluctant to publicize our projects and programs. I will request to every club presidents for giving more effort to enhance our public image.
    Rtn. Sayeed
    RC Metropolitan Khulna.

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