Social Media How- to Vignettes

With the current need for “how-tos” on social media, Rotary International has created short, video vignettes focused on using social media strategically.  This is a new approach and the vignettes are intended for more experienced learners who already know the basics of setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account.  They are designed to be shared online or can be incorporated into presentations or training sessions.  To date, two vignettes have been created:

  • Better connect with your local community through Facebook focuses on how clubs and districts can use their Facebook page to effectively engage with their local community and built reciprocal relationships.
  • The power of images: Telling Rotary’s story through social media will guide viewers through the process of using powerful and engaging images to tell Rotary’s story.

The first vignette is now available on Vimeo . It will be promoted via Rotary’s Facebook page and @rotary on Twitter.  The second vignette will be available in two weeks.  

In the first video learn about connecting with your community using a Facebook page for your club or district. The video shares some strategic tips to engage locally and build relationships with local community organizations.