One Rotary

One Rotary: What is It?

One Rotary is a concept of integrating work that is familiar to many Rotarians from their professions. Businesses often use a similar approach. The purpose is to increase effectiveness and efficiency of work to improve the outcomes.

Although the concept may be familiar, the term “One Rotary” may not be as well known. One Rotary could be described as:

• A highly-coordinated way to conduct Rotary service and increase effectiveness of clubs

• A more effective and efficient approach to doing Rotary business in all areas of our organization It could also be described as a “holistic” approach to Rotary. The definition of holistic is:

a. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts

b. Concerned with the whole rather than analysis or separation into parts

All components of Rotary already affect each other. One Rotary maximizes the effect already occurring. The RI strategic plan illustrates this interdependency with its circular diagram. One Rotary integrates all aspects of Rotary activity for greater vibrancy, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.

The benefits of One Rotary are both internal and external. One integrated action or program supports multiple outcomes. In addition to being more efficient and having greater impact, it makes more sense to Rotarians and the outside world to observe one integrated direction. It also supports increases in a club’s membership, visibility, partners, support and service. Bottomline, One Rotary helps build stronger Rotary through more vibrant, efficient and effective clubs.

A question might be, “We already have so much to do. How can we add one more thing?” Good news. One Rotary is not a new process nor an add on. It is a only a new way of looking at what Rotarians already do. A small adaptation that can have a major change on the impact of the outstanding work already happening in Rotary.


One Rotary Project Planning Guide

Membership Plan Template – Club Sample (One Rotary)

Club Three- Year Plan Sample (Edmonton RC)

Vibrant Clubs Assessment (club version)

AG Planning Worksheet (13-14)


One Rotary Webinar PPT Z24W (11.13.14)

One Rotary Webinar PPT (July 31, 2013)

One Rotary Webinar Recording (July 31, 2013)

One thought on “One Rotary

  • Great idea to use current technology to bring Rotarians together to improve our collective knowledge of Rotary…

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