Rotary Club Central

Thousands of clubs around the world are using Rotary Club Central as a more effective way to set and track their goals, create strength in club membership and planning, and assess the impact of their club’s work in the community.  This powerful tool empowers club and district leaders to monitor club achievements in three key areas: club and membership initiatives, service activities and support to The Rotary Foundation. Coupled with Rotary Showcase and Idea Platform, the online tools that help clubs to find service ideas, new project partners, funding and to expand visibility of their projects through a broad array of social networks, clubs can easily expand the impact and effectiveness of their members’ work.

Why Rotary Club Central?

Club Central: Working with Incoming Leaders (webinar PPT 1.21.15)

Club Central: Working with Incoming Club Leaders (webinar recording 1.21.15)

AGs & Rotary Club Central Webinar PPT (8.20.14)

AGs & Rotary Club Central: A Partnership to Build Stronger Clubs (webinar recording 8.20.14)

Rotary Club Central: A Webinar for PEs

Rotary Club Central AG Webinar

Rotary Club Central for PETS

Pre-Assignment for Training – PEs

Rotary Club Central: The Nuts & Bolts

Rotary Club Central – Club Reference Guide (2014)

Rotary Club Central – District Reference Guide (2014)

Club Central Goals & Planning Indicators (2015-16)

Club Central Goal Indicators (2014-15)

Rotary Club Central Webinar PPT (presented 27 Feb 2013)

Rotary Club Central Webinar Recording (presented 27 Feb 2013)

Rotary Club Central Training Presentation

Online Tools Checklist (district leaders)

Online Tools Checklist – Club (15-16)

Club Central Resource List



3 thoughts on “Rotary Club Central

  • Hi all,
    Is it possible to post our RLI dates for the Prairie Division (D5360, 5370 and 5550) on this site Event Calendar, and make it appear on the individual District Sites at the same time OR Should we get permission to post on each individual Club Runner site instead. We would like to advertise the dates, and collect registrations at one central location?
    PDG Al

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