Vibrant Clubs

Vibrant Clubs Are…

strong, energized, engaging and growing, and are recognized for their outstanding service to the local and world community.   A vibrant club reinforces the full circle of One Rotary:- Attracts and engages more members

– More members equals more dynamic projects in community
– More dynamic projects results in increased club visibility
– Increased visibility leads to more partners, more hands and more funding support
– More community support results in greater vibrancy and more members

Best Practices of Highly-Effective Clubs 

Providing support to strengthen and increase effectiveness of clubs is the first priority of the RI Strategic Plan.   The vibrant club strategy for use by clubs includes the 10 best practices of highly- effective Rotary clubs:

– Developing long-range goals or a strategic plan that addresses the elements of an effective club
– Convening regular club assemblies
– Maintaining open lines of communication
– Involving all club members
– Ensuring continuity in leadership
– Amending bylaws to reflect current club practices
– Providing opportunities for networking and socializing
– Offering regular, consistent training
– Assigning committees that support club’s needs
Listed below are resources to build more vibrant and effective Rotary clubs.  Share your great ideas and best practices in the feedback or comments sections, or send your district and club-developed resources to include on this page.

Feedback welcome

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